Kordes Roses International

Kordes Roses International (KRI) is located in Uithoorn, De Kwakel in the Netherlands. The company is the In-House-Propagation for youngplants of cutroses. KRI produces mainly plants of Kordes, as well as plants of any other breeder.


Kordes Roses International

Noorddammerweg 41-43
NL-1424 NW De Kwakel
The Netherlands


KRI produces clean plants in different types and different substrates. The range goes from cutting to graftings from coco-plugs to rockwool-blocks. The plants can be delivered to all over the world. Please feel free to ask for your own offer of young plants. All plants are only produced by order.


You can choose between the following option:

  • - cutting in coco-plug
  • - cutting in rockwool-block
  • - stentling in coco-plug
  • - stentling in rockwool-block



Since a few years KRI can also offer a special selected type of rootstock, the PRO-rootstock. The advantage of the PRO-rootstock is that it can give more production, better length and stemqualtiy to a variety. There are the following three types of PRO-rootstock in the moment with the following advanteges for the producer:


  • - PRO 3
  • - PRO 4
  • - PRO 5



In the Netherland the showhouse for the Kordes‘ cutrose varities is located at


Moerheim Roses & Trading b.v.

Weteringweg 3a
2155 MV Leimuiderbrug
The Netherlands


Please contact Mr. Johan Berk for an appointment under telephone +31 297513018 or by email johan@kordesroses.nl