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New Rose Introductions

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In 1887 W. Kordes' Söhne was established. Since that time Kordes is successfully breeding roses and remains the only breeder in the world competing across the complete range of rose types.

In 130 years a diverse pool of proprietary genetic material was created, which is the strong foundation of the large Kordes crossing program. The creation of new cutrose varieties is the primary focus, where diverse rose blossoms, from romantic to elegant and from classic to fancy, fabulous, are combined with the Kordes self-imposed standard technical abilities, such as vase-life and production. All this is only possible by benefitting from the advantage of this long time of breeding experience with historic landmarks of introductions like extended vase-life and increased yield potential to the cut-rose world.


Head office W. Kordes Söhne
near by Hamburg, Germany


Breeding targets
Every latest released variety has to fulfill the self-imposed Kordes’ standards, to supply our clients with better varieties. Our aim is to create gorgeous flowering varieties with superior technical characteristics.

From the big pool of varieties coming out of our breeding program we are selecting for each main production area in the world different varieties to test them in the different climate conditions. As we have our very large range of varieties, we will always be able to market them in the most suitable growing region at first place.

Only varieties with excellent characteristics will be released to the growers, to supply only varieties with high potential of success. As many promising Kordes‘ varieties coming up, we can offer varieties for any purpose.

We can offer all types of cutroses from the classic tea hybrid to spray roses, from small to big sized flowers, for intensive greenhouse cultivation with heating and light to low input varieties grown in simple greenhouse conditions and outdoor cut roses. We have varieties for nearly every circumstance.
Presenting the company internationally we established branches in the Netherlands and Kenya and a worldwide web of Kordes agents. We are happy to provide detailed information on any of our products by contacting your local branch or agent, or our Head Office in Germany directly. You are welcome to visit Kordes in Germany during European summertime, this will give great opportunity to see the full range of the assortment of all type of roses fully flowering. During the winter we will test all the cutrose varieties in the greenhouse under assimilation light and check their performance at our headquarters.

In the Netherlands, close to Aalsmeer is our local branch 'Kordes Roses International' which supplies growers with young plants all over the world. They are doing the in-house propagation of all the Kordes‘ varieties.

Our branch in Kenya, 'Kordes Roses East Africa' is based in Nairobi and operates as the hub for new variety selection and sales in the East African region. Commercial testing of new varieties in East Africa is facilitated at 'Kreative Roses', the Kordes production com¬pany in the Naivasha area. There, new variety selections are planted in commercial trails in order to prove technical characteristics and market potential, offering customers reliable information as basis for new variety decisions.

Visit W. Kordes Söhne at...


IFTEX, Nairobi, Kenya
7th – 9th of June 2017

IFTF 2017, Expo Haarlemmermeer, Amsterdam, Netherlands
8th – 10th of November 2017

General licensees in over 40 countries worldwide

W. Kordes Söhne is one of the leading breeders and producers of rose plants for cutroses and gardenroses in the world. The distribution of our varieties takes place all over the world. Our rose varieties are distributed by general licensees of Kordes in more than 40 countries. In many territories of the world Kordes varieties have a high market share.